17 Student-Athletes Share 17 Reasons Why They Love Playing College Football

The REAL Reasons Why Student-Athletes Play Sports


Editor's Note: Student-Athletes across the country travel from coast to coast playing in giant stadiums on a weekly basis. It isn't money that compels these athletes to play football but something else We already know these athletes are playing for their schools, for college degrees, and for pride now lets find out the other reasons. AthletesLTD sat down with 17 college football players and asked them one open ended question: "Aside from receiving a degree, what is your favorite part about playing college football?" The answers we received give perspective on what really drives these athletes to play.

1. Some like giving back to the community.

2. Some play for the excitement of big time football.

3. Some play for the fans.

4. Some play for the joy of competing with their brothers.

5. Some play for the excitement of beating other teams.

6. Typical student-athlete, loving the fact that he can give back to the community.

7. Travaughn does it for the fans.

8. Mike enjoys the Game Day experience more than the fans do.

9. Maxx Forde's favorite part isn't getting a sack or a tackle.

10. Maleki doesn't play for himself but instead he plays for...

11. Keith likes seeing things a traditional college student wouldn't normally see.

12. Kameron is a QB, graduate student, and youth mentor.

13. Joseph is an aspiring news anchor, just look at that bow-tie.

14. Garrett plays selflessly. 

15. David loves to compete!

16. Win, baby, win!

17. #KeepingItReal

When you sit down and speak with student-athletes you can learn a lot.  These college players must be self motivated and strive to play well for reasons that are personal to them. Next time you see a student-athlete, give them a high five. 

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