What is the AthletesLTD Letterman?

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The AthleteLTD Letterman


The AthletesLTD Letterman is more than a jacket, it is the trusted symbol of athletes helping athletes. AthletesLTD was founded by a former collegiate and professional athlete who rallied up other athletes from different sports, different states, and different perspectives all with the same common goal, to make the athlete world better than when we were players in it. This is crucial for us athletes to stand together because an athlete doesn’t leave the sports world solely because she is no longer playing.when her playing days are over, when she is done playing she becomes a mentor, a role model, a coach, a source of knowledge for other athletes growing through the same process that she once lived through. Because of this, AthletesLTD is an educational source where knowledge is passed from one sporting generation to the next. That’s what the AthletesLTD Letterman represents, the transfer of knowledge.

         Whenever you see the Letterman as the main image for an article you will know that the article is not a personal narrative written by an athlete about her playing days but instead an educational tool written by an athlete to benefit proceeding athletes. Some of the topics that we will cover through The Letterman are: Academics, Life Skills, Post-Athletic Career Skills, Social Media, Mentoring, Business Development, and FINANCE. This letterman is special, this letterman is a symbol, this letterman leads to valuable tools for athletes.