Fourth of July Throwback: Shane Austin, QB Cleveland Gladiators

Editor's Note: Happy Fourth of July, ya'll.

Shane Austin 7.4 Throwback

My Favorite Holiday

By Shane Austin

Twitter: ShaneAustin10
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The fourth of July! One of my favorite holidays is Independence Day. It’s nice and hot because it’s summer, the BBQ’s are all firing up, fireworks going off everywhere, and the overall sense of pride and freedom makes you feel real American! First, I want to explain the outfit in this picture and how we made them. Then, I’ll attempt to paint a picture of a great party I go to every year in San Diego, but I probably won’t be able to serve it enough justice.

            This particular Fourth of July a couple years ago we decided to make our own red, white, and blue shirts. First, I cut off the sleeves of a plain white shirt, for obvious reasons. Next, I covered the bottom half of the shirt with cardboard, cut out a star shape, placed it in the middle of the chest, and drenched the whole thing in blue spray paint. After letting it dry, I covered the top half with cardboard and with strips of cardboard cutouts sprayed red all over the rest. My girlfriend (pictured on the right) proceeded to do her own patriotic design on some white shorts. And I got to be honest, I think they turned out better than I had expected.

            The party we made these outfits for is a party I’ve been going to since I was little. I can still smell the carne asada sizzling off the grill. There’s not a doubt in my mind that the world’s greatest tasting carne asada can be found at this party! The party also includes a bunch of fun activities such as a rock climbing wall, a pool with a basketball hoop and slide, rope swings, free 15-minute massages, and my personal favorite, “beer baseball.” But most of all, it’s a time to spend with family and enjoy some great food!

             This year, however, I will be here in Cleveland for the Fourth because we have a home game the next day. So if anyone has some suggestions and what there is to do out here, I’d love to hear them! I’m definitely looking forward to see what Cleveland has to offer on one of my favorite holidays!

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