Recruited: Pt. II - Did Pete Carroll Win? Universities deceive Student-Athletes

Editor's Note: Marcis Fennell still owes me money. Here's Part II of his recruiting experience and the side that only athletes see. I had a similar experience with the other schools I took visits to. Benefits that are only present during recruiting weekends. After talking to many former Student-Athletes, this story was common. This is reality.
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         The Courting of a D-1 Recruit Part II: The Recruiting Smoke and Mirrors

By Marcis Fennell
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           I took visits to The “U,” Montana State, and eventually Idaho. I wanted to go to Montana State because Bozeman, MT was a great town and a great football environment. The football community made me want to commit right then and there to Head Coach Mike Kramer. They were and are in the era of dominance on the Division 1-AA era, so I thought it was a no-brainer. Then I took the trip to the University of Idaho.

           When they said I was going to Moscow, I thought I really was going to Russia. I pulled into the tiny Moscow/Pullman Airport in a commuter plane and saw nothing but hills of snow. That was a huge culture shock as a kid from Long Beach, CA. Then we got explore the campus and the Idaho Athletics Facility. The first room that they brought the recruits to was full of girls, video games, and snacks. The coaches described this room as the Players’ Lounge and that is where we all were assigned our hostesses who were our tour guides. The thing about hostesses was that the more prominent recruits were assigned two hostesses, which I enjoyed. And that is when I was sold. I was a Vandal. That weekend’s parties and festivities were just icing on the cake. 

             In the end, my decision was made based on pure emotion. I was an individual and didn’t want to conform to what was expected. After all the handshakes with different head coaches throughout my high school career I failed to recognize the point of football recuiting, “Win The Player.” After they won me, I arrived on campus in Moscow, ID and everything had changed. I was just another athlete who had to deal with many stereotypes and issues on and off campus. The hostesses? Gone. Players’ Lounge? Disappeared. Aside from that, I struggled with the politics of being an NCAA student-athlete for the next four years. (I look forward to talking more about this.) So food for thought, never make a decision based on emotion, make sure you do your research.

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