Fall Football Camp in Gifs

Editor's Note: Before we get to see the football season, every athlete has to go to football camp. The schedules are different, but the emotions are the same. Here is a brief overview of the emotions and experiences that all college football players will experience.

How you feel when you first check-in to football camp.

When the Senior's first see the Freshman who think they're going to get hazed.


Every Freshman during the first few days of football camp when talking about their high school days and old teams.


The Freshman's reactions when hearing their classmates talk about how prized of a recruit they were.


What the upperclassmen say when a Freshman is bragging about his accolades and being 1st-Team whatever.

As a Freshman, when you go into your first defensive meeting and realize that unlike high school you need to learn more than two assignments.

How the freshman view you because you seemingly know all of the plays and blitzes during meetings.


Every morning during camp when the Graduate Assistants wake you up at 6:30 AM with a megaphone siren.

How the Upperclassman feel when explaining how sitting in a tub of ice water will make you feel a lot better the next day.


When you get out of meetings and are getting ready for practice only to see that someone put a handful of vaseline in your helmet.

The nightly routine for every teammate that has a girlfriend back home.


When your friend jumps offsides when running 40-yard-sprints at the end of practice, making the whole team have to run more.


Your reaction when he tries to justify why he jumped offsides.

Three Words: Smelly Shoulder Pads

How you feel starting the second day of football camp when thinking about the last time you had freedom.


Days 2 through 12 of football camp.

When a graduate assistant you're close to secretly tells you that the team is going to the water park instead of practicing that day.

When you go to practice the next day thinking its cancelled and that you're going to the water park only to find out that he was messing with you.


When your team finally starts coming together and starts playing well.


Your Coach's reaction when you finally do your assignment correctly and he doesn't have to yell at you.


The team Captain's speech to the team after the last day of football camp.

Every football player at the team party that night.


The day after realizing that school is starting and your first game is one week away.