First Post: Athletes Share Their Lives and Experiences

By Adam Juratovac
Twitter: JvacAttack
Instagram: JvacAttack

  My name is Adam Juratovac and I am a former: Arena Football League player, NFL Free Agent, and Division-1 athlete. Currently, I am a substitute teacher, lawyer, and a guy with a lot of sports stories to tell. Where were you when LeBron James left Cleveland? I was playing football there watching the Clevelanites throw eggs and rip down his 10-story mural that led to interesting touchdown dances that night by my teammates. What exercises do you incorporate into your daily work out? I lost 25 lbs. using only the drills and lifts that I did while training for football in routines that I can complete in any gym or at any track. Food wise, all I had to do was stop eating burritos at 11:30 pm.  These are some of the topics you can expect from the contributing athletes on Athletes LTD.

          This website is for athletes to share stories that are unique to them. Every athlete has a story and Athletes LTD is where it will be told. This website will provide its readers with behind the scene information to workouts, stories, and the athlete lifestyle. This is important because this reveals a whole different dimension to the players we see playing the sports that we love. It also allows the Athletes to share their personality, life experiences, and lessons with friends, fans, and family.

          Athletes LTD is committed to providing its readers with unique perspectives and interesting topics from current and former athletes. If a reader wants to learn about a particular subject, ASK! If a reader wants to hear from a particular athlete, ASK! All constructive feedback is greatly appreciated.

          Now, I am pleased to announce Athletes LTD’s first post from Shane Austin. Shane Austin is a quarterback for the Cleveland Gladiators of the Arena Football League.  He played college football for the University of Hawaii after graduating from Rio Mesa High School in California. Aside from his interesting stories, you can tell a lot about his personality through the videos he creates in his spare time. He is definitely Living The Dream.