Trust Your Hustle - Anthony Trucks Story

Editor's Note: Playing professional sports does not last forever but the skills and lessons learned from playing does.  Anthony Trucks (Author of "Trust Your Hustle") is sharing those lessons with entrepreneurs, athletes, and coaches worldwide. Read about him and remember to trust your hustle. 


Allow Me To Introduce Myself

By Anthony Trucks
Twitter: @TrucksTraining

“The last person I want to meet on my deathbed is the person I could have been”

My clients refer to me as “Truckstop”. It was a nickname I earned while playing college and NFL football because I attacked people and hit them so hard they were stopped in their tracks…but I just kept moving. The name stuck because that’s now the way I attack life. I attack head on and just don’t stop. I think that’s pretty cool especially because I spent the first 14 years of my life being told I was worthless and would never amount to anything while experiencing hell in foster care. I love how wrong people can be.

I was the first and only in my family to earn a college degree, married my high school sweetheart, played in the NFL, built and run my own successful business for 6+ years, and trained thousands of people ranging from professional athletes to stay at home moms to get healthy and strong. I now am an author, consult for billion dollar a year companies, raise 3 amazing kids, and speak across the globe to help people change their lives. I simply want to have a huge funeral when my light burns out. Something that can only be accomplished by truly changing millions of lives. I speak to and consult entrepreneurs, CEO’s, coaches, college students, recent grads, and anyone who is ready for a more inspiring “second act” of life.

I don’t just motivate with words and yelling. I motivate and inspire by giving people new perspectives, tools, support and resources they need to actually take action and get things done day in and day out without anxiety or confusion. This allows people to develop a self trust that leads to belief, and ultimately a faith in ones self. I’m strong both mentally and physically (seriously, I can bench like 400 lbs), and while it’s not in my nature to go on about myself, I promise that when we meet, or I take your stage, you’ll get the most honest, accessible, approachable, friendly, funny, and powerful person you’ve quite possibly ever met.

I look forward to helping you live an unexpected life by teaching you how to Trust Your Hustle