Community: Struggle Nation Youth Fundraiser

Who: Antonio Robinson
         Super Bowl Champion
         Twitter: @iStruggleNation
         Instagram: @iTonioRobinson

What: Selling t-shirt and sweatshirts to raise money for Struggle Nation. We have 21 more days to sell 92 more Struggle Nation sweatshirts for our toy drive. The toy drive helps bring awareness to the 1.7 million homeless kids in the United States.

What inspired you to do this: As crazy as this sounds, I was born to do this. I was born involve myself with Struggle Nation from the foundation to the clothing line.  It all started with a vision.

Why: Struggle Nation will bring awareness to the youth and provide information about real life. We teach the youth about health and how to overcome adversity because the struggle builds character. Embrace your struggle.

What else do you have going on right now: I have a few things going on like building the Struggle Nation Foundation. I also host a free football camp every Thursday. I also volunteer at a homeless shelter in Miami to cut their hair for free. I volunteer with hairstylist, Lonnica Merriweather. She is in charge of the women's hair and I'm in charge of cutting the men's. 

What message do you have for our readers: Everything has a meaning. Find out the meaning before you accept it. Don't live life with your eyes closed and ears plugged. Use the wisdom God gave us from birth. Bring peace and love back.