New Orleans VooDoo v. Jacksonville Sharks: A Tale of Two Defenses

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Read below for the New Orleans VooDoo v. Jacksonville Sharks GameDay Analysis Written by the Athletes:
Saturday, June 21, 5:00 PST (Watch It Live Here).





New Orleans VooDoo Pre-Game Analysis

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By Antonio Robinson, Wide Receiver
New Orleans VooDoo

Twitter: Tonio89God1st
Instagram: Tonio1084

     Everything happens for a reason and will only last for a season. June 21 will be my fourth Arena Football game and it will be against the Jacksonville Sharks. Both the Sharks (4-8) and my team, the VooDoo (2-10) have struggled throughout the season, but that is nothing new to me. My brother and I grew up in Miami and faced many trials. Those lessons helped build me to the person I am today and overcoming adversity is one of my many strengths. One thing that I learned from the struggle growing up in Dade County is to NEVER give up and NEVER give in. Our struggles as a team will not last long and will only build character.

     This week we have two new Quarterbacks but the bonus is that they have a great group of wide receivers to throw to. With the records both of our teams have, our team's personality and character will be revealed. It is easy to handle adversity and show poise when your team's record is 10-0, but when all odds are against you and the pressure is on, that's when a team's character will really shine through. 

     Saturday's game against the Sharks is about winning and maintaining our reputation. There are no playoff ramifications on the line, this game is about going in, playing your best, and being able to leave the field with your head held high knowing you gave everything you had. Whenever there is a hardship or struggle, you must understand that it is just a test and it will pass. Making the most of it and capitalizing on it is what's important. On June 21, the VooDoo and I will be ready to leave with the Win.


Jacksonville Sharks Pre-Game Analysis: 

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By Aaron Robbins, Linebacker
Jacksonville Sharks

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     We're coming into this game with a 4-8 record. We are 2/3 of the way through the season and it is imperative that we win each of our last six games to have a sniff of a shot towards the playoffs. We're looking to get back on track this week and find some consistency as: 1. bad trades, 2. roster changes, and 3. injuries have all led to costly mistakes on the field.  These reasons have led to costly mistakes on the field as the Sharks are living the worst start in  franchise history.

     The key to this game will be the match ups in the trenches. Our Sharks defensive line will be going against a weak VooDoo offensive line who have allowed four quarterbacks to get hurt in 10 games. Since the VooDoo have a fresh quarterback under center it is my job to be relentless in applying pressure. Oh, and our team will also benefit if we cover the receivers and tackle well. The way each of our teams have played this season, it will take a complete and mistake free game to guarantee a victory. But the good news is one of our teams is leaving with a win, us.

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