VooDoo v. Gladiators: How Did Each Of These Players Prepare

Editor's Note: AthletesLTD provides you with real GameDay coverage. This edition of GameDay gives you an exclusive inside look at the pre-game rituals of New Orleans VooDoo defensive tackle, BCS, and Super Bowl Champion, Marlon Favorite. Check out what he listens to before the game to get him pumped up for the game. It is completely different than the Cleveland Gladiator's QB, Shane Austin. Read about their routines and jams below.

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Saturday, June 14, 5:00 PST (Watch It Live Here).

Marlon Favorite, DT, New Orleans VooDoo BCS and SuperBowl Champion

Marlon Favorite, DT, New Orleans VooDoo
BCS and SuperBowl Champion

New Orleans VooDoo Pre-Game Ritual

By Marlon Favorite, Defensive Tackle
New Orleans Voo Doo

Twitter: BigFav504
Instagram: BigFav

          On game day I wake up and say my prayers. Immediately afterwards I eat breakfast like a king because in my experience as a physical trainer and athlete it is the most important meal of the day. I then call my wife. I make sure to check in on her and the kids, especially if we're playing away from New Orleans. Once I tell my wife how amazing she is I put in a good movie! Having a relaxed mind on game day is very important because it allows you to achieve maximum focus and save your energy for the game.

          Following my movie, we will have a team meeting a few hours before the game. During that time, I will review my notes and get mentally prepared for the task ahead, the Cleveland Gladiators. After the team meetings, I'll have a little time to go back to my hotel room, get in a few stretches, work on some light exercise routines, and then put my headphones on and head to the pregame meal. I don't eat too much during that meal because I don't want to feel weighed down during the game. Finally, I'll get on the bus and listen to my tunes all the way to the stadium. Before you know it, Game Time!

Marlon Favorite's Top 5 Pre-Game Songs:

  1. Lil' Wayne ft. Drake - Believe Me
  2. Drake - Zero to 100
  3. Dee-1 ft. Rantz - All Good
  4. Lecrae - Beautiful Feet
  5. Lil' Wayne - D'Usse
    *Bonus* - Big Fav - Eyes on the Prize

Cleveland Gladiators PreGame RItual: 

By Shane Austin, Quarterback
Cleveland Gladiators

Twitter: ShaneAustin10
Instagram: ShaneAustin10

Every home game at 7:59 AM  I meet up with teammates  Denny's for breakfast. After fueling our bodies with omelets and Moons Over My Hammy, we head back to our room for our #GameDayNap. As soon as I wake up on game day, all I can think about is that nap I'm gonna have after breakfast! I can't describe how amazing a #GameDayNap is! Once I wake up, shower, watch TV and then play video games on my phone. Next, I head to the arena early to eat a pre-game meal, get some caffeine pumping inside me, and then attend our chapel group the team holds at the Arena. Finally, I get my gear ready for the game, get my ankles taped, and then warm-up on the field with the receivers. After that, all that's left after that is the fun part, playing the game.

On game days I usually listen to Spotify on shuffle, but here are my top 5 songs I listen to on game days to get my mind right.

Shane Austin's Top 5 Pre-Game Songs:

  1. Wale - Love Hate Thing
  2. OneRepublic - Can't Stop
  3. Any Justin Timberlake song!
  4. David Nail - Whatever She's Got
  5. Citizen Cope - Bullet and a Target