Two Teams Fight for One Playoff Spot: Tampa Bay Storm v. Iowa Barnstormers

Editor's Note: GameDay provides analyses written by the players in the game! Brian Reader of the Iowa Barnstormers thinks that the Offensive Line and Fullback are they key to a Barnstormer win. Raymond McNeil believes that any of his receivers have the ability to dominate the game, it's just a matter of which one.

Read below for the Iowa Barnstormer v. Tampa Bay Storm GameDay Analysis Written by the Athletes:
GameTime: Saturday, June 14, 5:05 PST (Listen Live Here).

Tampa Bay Storm Player Analysis: 

By Raymond McNeil, Center
Tampa Bay Storm

Twitter: BigPlayRay50

         The Iowa Barnstormers come into this weeks game hungry to get a notch in the win column. They are led by All-Arena Defensive Lineman, Mike Lewis. Lewis has been a problem for offensive linemen around the league and has accumulated 9.5 sacks this season. The matchup against Lewis is noteworthy because I was teammates with Lewis in the East Coast Bowl and during my time with the Utah Blaze. We have to stop the Barnstormers offense and their explosive receiving corps led by Marco Thomas. Thomas has already broken the century mark for yards this season and ahas accumulated 30 TD's so far. Our defensive backs will have there hands full during the entire game. 

          We need another big performance from defensive back, James Harrell. Harrell is looking to get his third interception-for-a-touchown is as many games. The Storm are looking for a big game out of quarterback Randy Hippeard because since his return from injury our record is 3-0. Hippeard has thrown for 18 touchdowns in the past three games. The great quarterback will need receivers to catch the balls so look to: Joe Hills, T.T. Toliver, and Amari Jackson to make it hard on the Barnstormer defense. All three of these receivers have the skill to take over the entire game. But in order to do that, the offensive line, fullback, and I must be solid, neutralize their All-Arena lineman, and give our quarterback enough time to hit the receivers.

          The Barnstormers home field advantage is evident but nothing we haven't experienced before. That coupled with the fact that there are playoff implications with this game guarantees that this game should be a real Barn Burner (pun intended).

Key to Victory: Protect the QB. Win your one-on-one battles. COMPETE.

Iowa Barnstormer Player Analysis: 

By Brian Reader, Quarterback
Iowa Barnstormers

Twitter: breader14
Instagram: breader14

          During our last home game against the Orlando Predators, our offensive line and fullback played phenominally against the Preadtors strong and well coached defense. The offensive line allowed ZERO: sacks, hurries, and hits on the quarterback while adding a rushing touchdown to their stats. This time around, we have another home game against another strong, vicious, and well coached Florida defense, the 5X-Arena Bowl Champion, Tampa Bay Storm.

          The Storm are anchored by a strong defensive line. While studying their film it's apparent that their defense applies a lot of pressure. They're good at finishing every play with some type of quarterback pressure. We need to stop that. The Storm's nose guard, Richard Clebert, has been causing trouble for opposing offensive lines. Stopping him and the Mac linebacker is going to be a key to victory for us. Our offensive line need to give our quarterback time and allow our receivers to defeat the Storm's secondary. We must execute at a high level on offense while keeping Clebert and his defensive line at bay throughout the entire game. There is no question in my mind that we can and that we will.

          This is another huge week for the Barnstormers because we are still in the playoff hunt and who better to battle against than a conference opponent in the same position. 

Key to Victory: 
The Iowa Barnstormers Offensive Line and Fullback: Trey Allen, Mike Garrity, Chuck Curry, and Derik Steiner.