Party In the Backfield with James Ruffin: Spokane Shock vs. L.A. Kiss

Editor's Note: GameDay by AthletesLTD provides analyses written by the players in the game!  James Ruffin currently has 11.5 sacks in the 2014 Arena Football League season.

Game Time: Saturday, June 28, 7:00 PST (ESPN 2)


Spokane Shock GameDay Analysis: 

Photo Credit:  Gary Peterson

Photo Credit: Gary Peterson

By James Ruffin, Defensive Line
Spokane Shock

Twitter: JRuffin_MMoses
Instagram: jruff44

Saturday will be the second time the Spokane Shock and I face the L.A. Kiss and I anticipate this game will be much closer than our first meeting. The first time we played them (5/4/14) was a tough contest starting from the beginning. Both teams were playing hard when our quarterback, Erik Meyer, went down with an injury after a great play from Kiss Linebacker, Beau Bell. We had to find an answer to our hurt QB, the 2013 AFL Offensive Player of the Year and that answer was Rashard Carter. Rashard stepped in for Meyer and the one thing the L.A. Kiss were not ready for was a Dual-Threat Quarterback. The Kiss is a new expansion team that has a lot of publicity and excitement with it and they have done some great things improving their roster since the last time we faced them. They have some explosive receivers, a great quarterback, and a much improved offensive line.

I think the Kiss’s biggest obstacle this year has been the comradery within its team, they have not jelled together because they are all playing with each other for the first time. The Kiss team is filled with talent and once they come together as a family they will be very much improved. I believe they have a great opportunity to make the playoffs this season and we will do our best to make sure they are on the outside looking in.

Personally my defense and I plan on shutting down their offense and turning over the ball to give Erik as many opportunities as we possibly can. When the ball is in Erik’s hands good things happen.